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Big Pirate

Big Pirate

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The sailors land on big pirate's Island to steal his treasure. But he doesn't want this to happen and really wants to catch them before they are off to sea again…


Goal of the game: The players who play with a sailor have to reach his ship with the treasure of the Big Pirate (they can also hide behind the coco trees); the player who plays the Big Pirate has to catch the sailors to win.

    • Beautiful 3D components!
    • Silly fun for the whole family!
    • Great for ages five to ninety-nine!
Components of the game:

    • 1 Big Pirate painted plastic figurine
    • 3 painted plastic sailor figurines
    • 3 treasures
    • 1 board (30x28cm) depicting an island
    • 7 plastic coconut trees
    • 2 dice
    • 13 cards

choking hazard: not suitable for children 3 and under