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    3+ Years · Djeco · Role Playing · Educational · 2 Player · 4 Player · Single Player · 3 Player · 10 minutes

    Three games in one box! A racing game, a memory game, and a dexterity game for young children. Walking The Animals is a roll and move game where the first player to reach the finish wins. Hide And Seek tasks players with finding the most animals under colored blocks. Bang, Crash, Wallop? Poor Animals is a dexterity game in which players must not knock over the pyramid of animals and blocks


    • A complete set of three different preschool games featuring bright colors and darling animals

    • Colorful and sized perfectly for little hands, this game will inspire fun, imaginative play

    • Includes a follow the path game, a memory game, and a stacking & balancing game

    • Each game is for 1 to 4 players that takes about 10 minutes to play

    • For ages 3 through 5 years