Ticket to Ride Rails & Sails
Ticket to Ride Rails & Sails

Ticket to Ride Rails & Sails

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Ticket to ride rails & sails is in this best-selling train adventure series. Players collect cards of various types (trains and ships) that enable them to claim railway and sea routes on a nicely illustrated double-sided board, featuring the world map on one side and the great lakes of North America on the other. Elegantly simple and fast to learn, it takes the ticket to ride series to the next level! veteran railroaders, as well as family and friends, will be delighted to set sail to the New horizons of ticket to ride rails and sails.

  • Features 2 oversized maps: The world & the great lakes
  • Introduces new and exclusive ship cards and plastic ships
  • More engaging gameplay with the simplicity and elegance of ticket to ride
  • BOX CONTAINS:165 colored Train Cars (33 each in blue, red, green, yellow and black),250 colored Ships (50 in each color),140 Travel Cards (80 Train Cards and 60 Ship Cards),120 Destination Ticket Cards (65 for the World, 55 for the Great Lakes),15 Harbors (3 in each color),5 Scoring Markers

Players gain points by 

  • Claiming a route between two adjacent cities on the map
  • Successfully completing the routes shown on their tickets
  • Building harbors in the cities shown on their tickets.
  • Points are deducted from the players’ total score for each of their tickets that are not successfully completed by the end of the game.